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Russian is the most spoken Slavic language in the world and the native language of approximately 150 million people. Over 210 million people around the world speak Russian. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is the most widely used language in Europe.

The TUM Language Center suspends the activities with its Russian partners due to the current geopolitical situation. We thus follow the approach of the DAAD, see:

We stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and at the same time with all people in Russia who reject war and violence and try to prevent further tragedies. We hope that the war will end soon, that words will soon have more weight than weapons and that we can resume our relations with our Russian partners.

We offer Russian courses from level A1 to B2 following the CEFR.

There are also courses on special topics, for specific target groups or to improve certain skills, such as 'Russian as language of origin from B1' or 'Russian B1/B2 - Grammar'.

Not every course may be offered every semester.
Please determine your course level by taking our placement test.

Intensive courses (course levels may vary) take place during the semester break in spring and fall.

The intensive courses take place over a shorter period of time, but have more training units per week than the courses during the semester. The number of ECTS and the workload is therefore the same as for the semester-long courses.

Current dates and registration deadlines can be found on our homepage.

You can find a complete overview of our course program in TUMonline.

More Offers

Would you like to make contact with other TUM students or employees and at the same time improve your language skills in a flexible and practical way? At TUMtandem we will find a tandem partner for you within TUM and support your joint learning process. More information on TUMtandem

The Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) offers online language courses for Russian. The courses can be a useful supplement to the Russian courses at TUM.

Please note that the TUM Language Center cannot guarantee that ECTS will be awarded for these courses. 
All courses at vhb are free of charge for TUM students and registration is done with the TUM ID.

More detailed information about the courses can be found in the course descriptions.

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Kristina Gauß
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