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Exams and Certificates

Completion of a language course

  • Keep in mind that most courses are usually graded on a portfolio of assignments spread over the course duration; it may not be possible to pass the course without active participation throughout the semester.
  • If you would like to take an exam for a TUM course, please register via TUMonline, paying close attention to the correct lecturer, date and time. Our instructions for exam registration may be helpful. Deadlines for exam registration can be found on our homepage.
  • For proof of language efficiency required by exchange programs organized by TUM, a certificate of achievement (“Einzelleistungsnachweis”) from a TUM language course of at least 3 ECTS will suffice at the application stage. These can be downloaded as PDFs from TUMonline. Note that you must pass the course to receive a record of achievement. If the partner university later requires a DAAD certificate, we can issue this on the basis of your completed course.
  • If you are enrolled in a TUM language course but need a certificate before completing it (for example, for an Erasmus application), please take a screenshot of your course registration in TUMonline and indicate in your application that you will submit your certificate after passing the course.
  • The module handbook, which is available in TUMonline, tells you how many ECTS are awarded for each TUM language course.
  • The ways in which you can recognize language course credits for your studies, and how the ECTS are booked, varies by TUM school and department. It is therefore best to contact someone in your study program with questions in this area.

Further information can be found in our statute.

  • If you are taking a TUM language course from the course catalogue and would like to take the exam, please contact your instructor directly to register. If you pass the exam and fulfil the other requirements of the course, you can recieve  an exam certificate.
  • If you are taking a course specifically for staff (English for Staff or German for Staff), please ask your instructor about the type of certification you will receive for having passed the course and/or exam.

  • If you are taking a TUM language course from the course catalogue and would like to take the exam, please contact your instructor directly to register for the exam. If you pass the exam and fulfil the other requirements of the course, you can receive an exam certificate.
  • Registration for and participation in an examination may also be possible without prior course participation. However, if passing the course requires the completion of portfolio assignments spread out over the duration of the course, it may not be possible to take the exam and pass the course without active participation. Please contact the lecturer directly before registering for the exam to find out if this is the case.

DAAD Certificate

There are two (or three) ways to obtain a DAAD certificate from the TUM Language Center:

Based on a completed language course



For English only: based on a German Abitur certificate
If you have successfully completed a language course at the TUM Language Center worth at least 3 ECTS, please send your certificate of achievement (“Einzelleistungsnachweis”), downloadable from TUMonline, as a PDF with your request for a DAAD-certificate to sprachenzentrum(at) We offer TUM students and staff free testing for the DAAD certificate in a number of languages. Please plan for your result to take at least one week to come through.
More Information on DAAD-testing
Have you passed a German Abitur and achieved at least seven points in English in each of the final four half-years? If so, we can issue you an English DAAD-certificate at B2 level if you send your Abitur certificate as a PDF alongside a request for a DAAD certificate to sprachenzentrum(at)


DAAD testing

If you can obtain a DAAD certificate using a language course or your Abitur (only for an English certificate), please do so: This will reserve resources for people who need to take the test and help us to process inquiries more quickly.

If you need to take a DAAD test, please note the following before registering:

  • Plan your test participation in good time (calculate approximately one week correction time).
  • Note that tests are in high demand before exchange program deadlines, and you may not get a spot if you do not plan ahead.
  • Please arrive on time for the scheduled appointment and bring your TUM ID.
  • You can only take the test only once per semester.
  • If necessary—for example, due to illness—a test appointment can be cancelled or postponed at short notice.


  • To target our resources (space, IT and people) appropriately, we have developed a Moodle questionnaire to assess applicants’ need for a test place.
  • The English DAAD test can only be taken in person, on campus.
  • You can apply for a place to take the test for English DAAD certification here.
  • We test regularly on the Munich campus on Friday afternoons at 3pm. In the winter semester we test weekly but reduce the frequency during breaks and summer semester, according to demand. No testing is offered in August.
  • Please keep in mind that test places will be in high demand before exchange deadlines. To be safe, allow at least a month between registering your interest to take the test and your deadline.
  • The English DAAD comprises four 15 minute (single answer) multiple choice style sections on reading, listening, writing and speaking. After that, there is a 15 minute active writing task (your own writing on a given topic) and short recording task where you speak on a given topic.

To target our resources (space, IT and people) appropriately, we have developed a Moodle questionnaire to assess applicants’ need for a test place.

You can apply for a place to take the test for French DAAD certification here.

The test takes place on specific dates and only during the semester both in person and via Moodle.

  • Dates:
    1. December from 14:00-15:30
  • Registration:
    To register, send an email to  to mainardi(at) up to two days before the test date
    The test will take place online (via Zoom and Moodle). Shortly before the test, you will receive an email that includes the link for the Zoom meeting as well as all necessary information about the test in Moodle.
  • Contact:
    Dr. Debora Mainardi
  • Content:
    Nel test verranno esaminate le competenze linguistiche chiave del candidato secondo il Quadro comune di riferimento europeo delle lingue: espressione e interazione orale, comprensione della lettura e produzione scritta.

  • Dates:
    February 28, 2024 (registration deadline February 23), 9:00-12:00 written exam and from 13:00 oral exam.
    Please bring a laptop!
  • Location:
    Room 203, Richard-Wagner-Straße 3, 80333 München
  • Registration:
    Please send an email with your matriculation number, your TUM email address and an indication of the language level you would like to reach to guerrero-madrid(at)
    Please bear in mind the registration deadline (see above).
  • Lecturer:
    Guerrero Madrid, Victoria
  • Content: El test de español tiene por objetivo medir la habilidad y las competencias lingüísticas del estudiante en las siguientes áreas, según los criterios del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las lenguas (MCER): expresión e interacción oral, expresión escrita, comprensión de documentos escritos, conocimientos de gramática y vocabulario.

For a DAAD certificate or DAAD test in other languages, please write to sprachenzentrum(at)
We will forward your request to the appropriate person.

Certificate of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

  • Exclusively intended for applications for temporary study or research stays or internships abroad.
  • Not known/recognized outside of the academic context.
  • Not required for all programs or activities abroad. Please contact the TUM Global & Alumni Office or your study coordinator to find out which certificate you need for your stay abroad.
  • The TUM Language Center issues the DAAD certificate only for TUM students and staff. It will be sent as a PDF directly to your TUM email address.

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