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Whether as a first, second or foreign language, English is the most spoken language in the world. Improving your English can therefore unlock many doors, whether you would like to travel, work at an international company, or watch your favourite TV Series in the original language. Brushing up on your English can also help you excel in the many courses at the TUM that are offered in English and help prepare you for courses in English during an exchange semester.


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We offer English courses at levels from B1 to C2 according to the CEFR.

There are courses on specific topics, for special target groups or to improve certain skills, such as communication or writing. 

The program includes courses in the following areas:

  • Back to Basics (B1-C1)
  • Focus on Culture and Creative Expression (B2-C1)
  • Academic and Scientific Communication (B2-C2)
  • Professional Communication (B2-C2)
  • English for Computer Science and the Tech Industry (C1)
  • English for Nerds: Learning with Sci-fi and Fantasy (C1)
  • Focus on Media and Communication (C1)
  • STS Thesis Writers' Workshop (C2)

Not every course may be offered every semester.
Please determine your course level by taking our placement test.

Intensive courses (course levels may vary) take place during the semester break in spring and fall.

The intensive courses take place over a shorter period of time, but have more training units per week than the courses during the semester. The number of ECTS and the workload is therefore the same as for the semester-long courses.

Current dates and registration deadlines can be found on our homepage.

Currently enrolled TUM students can meet the English language requirement for one of the many English master's programs at TUM by completing any of the courses included in this module, without taking an external language proficiency test:

  • English for Academic Purposes: Gateway to English Master’s C1
  • English for Environmental Engineering: Gateway to English Master’s C1
  • English for Civil Engineering: Gateway to English Master’s C1
  • English for Geodesy: Gateway to English Master’s C1

All Gateway to English Master’s courses have a heavy workload and cover cover the core reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills needed for advanced study in English.

For a brief overview of the course descriptions click here.
For information about our current program see TUMonline.

For Staff

Our English Courses for Staff offer in-house group instruction to administrative employees. Additionally, all courses confer the needed qualification for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. More information on the English Courses for Staff

The English Coaching Program supports professors and PhD candidates on all three locations with One-to-One Coaching (for professors), Small Group Courses (for PhD candidates) or Interactive Editing (for publications). More information on the English Coaching Program

The English Writing Center offers free one-to-one consulting for TUM students and staff of all levels. We use your own English texts as our raw material to develop your competence in written English. English Writing Center website

You can register for all regular student courses. The program is available in TUMonline. More information on registration and exams

More Offers and Cooperations

The English Writing Center offers free one-to-one consulting for TUM students and staff of all levels. We use your own English texts as our raw material to develop your competence in written English. English Writing Center website

Do you, a TUM student, aspire to write STEM-themed stories in English? If so, this is the contest for you.

Submit your original 250-2500-word story about any STEM-related topic by February 19, 2024 and attend our Info Session on Monday, December 4, 2023 @ 18:00 on Zoom.

See Moodle for more details and Zoom link.

The certificate from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD) is intended to facilitate your applications for short-term international studies/ work experience abroad.

You do not need a DAAD Certificate for all programs or activities abroad. Please contact the TUM Global & Alumni Office or your faculty coordinator to see which form of proof you need for your plans abroad. 

You can find out how to obtain a DAAD certificate from the TUM Language Center here

Would you like to make contact with other TUM students or employees and at the same time improve your language skills in a flexible and practical way? At TUMtandem we will find a tandem partner for you within TUM and support your joint learning process. More information on TUMtandem

TUM students in selected English seminars have had the opportunity to take part in our long-standing tandem program with the University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering.

Cambridge engineering students learning German (at B1-B2 level) join TUM students in Zoom sessions in the winter semester for discussions and self-selected topics and practice activities that allow both sides to hone and enrich their linguistic and intercultural competencies. We encourage participants to find longer-term tandem partners from within the group and continue their tandem exchanges privately.

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) 'Academic Writing Made Easy' takes you through the basics of academic writing step by step. From structuring and organising an academic text to avoiding common pitfalls that can negatively affect your credibility, this 6-week course offers a guide for those who want to improve their writing. Registration MOOC Academic Writing Made Easy

The Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) offers online language courses for English. The courses can be a useful supplement to the English courses at TUM. They are especially recommended if you do not need to earn ECTS.

All courses at vhb are free of charge for TUM students and registration is done with the TUM ID.

More detailed information about the courses can be found in the course descriptions.

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