TUM Language Center programs are free and available to all members of the TUM community. You can participate in all Language Center courses and programs. The only exceptions are programs developed and financed in cooperation with faculties/schools or study programs and and are accordingly access restricted. 

Placement test: please determine your course level before registration

The course levels from A1 to C2 are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Students with previous experience with the language, please check your language level using either our placement test, or choose a course either one level up from your most recently completed course in this language, provided the course was at the TUM or based on a certificate issued according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

If you have no previous knowledge of the language, register for a course at level A1 or A1.1.

The placement test

Note: intensive courses in fall belong to the summer semester. Exception: German intensive courses in October belong to the winter semester.

FAQs about the placement test to come

How do I register?

General information: 

  • The registration deadlines can be found on our homepage in the registration details of the course on TUMonline.
  • Places will not be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that the exact time of your registration does not affect your chances of getting a fixed place. 
  • You can also find more information about registering for TUM courses here: TUM Wiki

Allocation of places 

  • Once the registration period is over, TUMonline automatically assigns students places in the course, corresponding to the ranking options specified in the registration details of the respective course.
  • Students who have been assigned a confirmed place, will receive an e-mail from TUMonline.
  • If you do not receive a confirmed-place-notification after the registration deadline and see “requirements met” listed by your name, this means you are in a waiting position.

For students with a confirmed place

  • If you are not able to be present on the 1st day of the course, please contact your lecturer by e-mail (please note special regulations for German intensive courses). The following information is important in the e-mail: name, first name, matriculation number, course level, day, time, and group.
  • If you are not present on the 1st day without an excuse, you will lose your confirmed place. The lecturer will deregister you from the registration procedure.
  • If you have received a confirmed place in one course, you cannot attend, you cannot transfer it to another course. However, you can deregister from the procedure after the first distribution and then register again, as the registration will then be opened again (only for semester-long courses). By deregistering, you will lose your confirmed place, but you will have another chance in the second distribution, in which the system allocates places that have become free.

For students without a confirmed place

  • If you are not assigned a confirmed place once the registration period is over, the description “requirements met” will still be next to your name. It means that you are in a waiting position.
  • In the case of semester-long courses, registration will be reopened after this first allocation of places and another, automated allocation will take place, in which any places that become free will be filled. In the period between the first and second allocation you can edit your course selection.The second allocation will take place before the courses start.
  • This second distribution does not take place in our intensive courses in the lecture free period. Here, the lecturer can let students move up if places become free.
  • We ask for your understanding that the number of places is limited.

Please note: registering for a course does not automatically register you for the exam. Please refer to our notes on exam registration.

Registration info for
→ Intercultural Communication
→ TUMtandem
→ Events

Doctoral students (who are signed in for a PhD program and therefore have student status in TUMonline) register via TUMonline during the registration period. See instructions how to register in TUMonline. Please do not register as staff member and as student at the same time!

For information on staff programms see TUM staff and doctoral candidates

To register please write an email to the lecturer of the course beforehand. You can find the e-mail adress in TUMonline.

For German and English please use our staff programs:
→ English for Staff
→ German for Staff

Registration info for
→ Intercultural Communication
→ TUMtandem
→ Events

Please contact the coordinator of the cooperation between TUM Language Center and HFF/HFPH at your university directly.

The TUM Language Center reserves the right to cancel courses in case of low number of present participants. 

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