Writing Fellows Program

TUM writing fellows are native (or near-native) English-speaking students, who work as teaching assistants for writing-intensive courses and regularly staff the English Writing Center. The program has the long-term goal of hiring multiple fellows in each of the 13 TUM faculties. In this model, students from all TUM programs will be able to work with peer consultants who are both experts in English writing and knowledgeable in the students’ specific fields.


Writing Fellows are hired based on their proven excellence in English writing and eagerness to develop this expertise as both scholars and tutors. Each fellow must take part in an intensive training program that includes on-the-job practice, self-guided study, peer observation, and performing the role of teaching assistant for at least one semester in an advanced English writing course offered by the TUM Language Center. Completing this training confers on Fellows a certificate of competence in tutoring written English, co-sponsored by TUM ProLehre | Media and Didactic and recognized across Bavarian institutes of higher education.

Become a Writing Fellow

If you would like to apply to be writing fellow, send a CV, cover letter, and 500-word writing sample to jacobs@zv.tum.de and  wellershausen@zv.tum.de.

The writing fellows are paid according to the standard “Vergütungssätze von wissenschaftlichen und studentischen Hilfskräften.” They also profit greatly from the responsibilities and work experience they gain as part of the consulting team at the English Writing Center.

Current Writing Fellows

Paula Acosta - Sustainable Resource Mangement

Born and raised in Uruguay, Paula started learning English at the age of 5. She moved to Spain in 2012 to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, where she took a keen interest in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Currently, Paula is doing her first semester of the Master in Sustainable Resource Management and living in Freising. As an English Fellow writer, she expects to help her fellow peers with a great language that has opened the door to many opportunities in her life. She has always been interested in sustainable traveling, learning from other cultures, and new languages. In her free time, Paula enjoys hiking, doing yoga, reading, traveling, and going to concerts.

Ellie Arpin - Environmental Engineering

Ellie was born and raised in Minnesota, USA, where she also completed her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering at the University of Minnesota. She moved to Munich in September 2021 to pursue her master’s in Environmental Engineering. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, and orienteering. In her free time, Ellie loves playing guitar and singing, baking way too many cookies, gardening, drawing, and of course reading.

Saskia Brose - Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology

Saskia grew up in a bilingual family, living in Colorado and California before moving to Hamburg for high school. In 2016 she relocated to Munich to be closer to the mountains and study Engineering Science at the TUM. Upon completing her bachelor’s thesis on alpine permafrost, she started her graduate studies in the master’s program Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology. When not skiing or running, Saskia enjoys reading biographies and cooking.

Aleksandra Daniluk - Chemistry

Aleksandra was born in Poland but moved to Houston, Texas, at the age of eight, where she attended elementary school. After her return to Poland, she extensively studied the English language which led to her working as an English Tutor. She studied German for six years and moved to Munich in 2019. Currently she is a chemistry student pursuing a bachelor’s degree. In her free time, Aleksandra loves hiking in the Alps and spending time with her friends.

Emilia Kinzler - Bioeconomy

Born into a German speaking household in London, Emilia grew up speaking both English and German fluently. She edits for a student newspaper and is passionate about sustainability and the untapped potential of the semi colon. When she is not working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Bioeconomy at the TUM campus Straubing, you will typically find Emilia reading the nearest trashy fiction book or rowing.

Alora Kraus - Sustainable Resource Management

Alora is from the United States and grew up in the state of Iowa. Currently, she is a master’s student in Sustainable Resource Management at TUM. She has a keen interest in sustainable agriculture, although her background is in biochemistry and English writing. Alora worked as an English writing tutor at the University of Iowa during her bachelor’s, and she is so thrilled to be doing it again in Germany! When she’s not working or studying, Alora loves to cook and experiment with vegan recipes, play chess, enjoy
the outdoors, and do crossword puzzles. Fun fact: Alora has dabbled in making her own crosswords and her ultimate dream is to get published in the New York Times.

Nicholas McCay - Responsibility in Science, Engineering, and Technology

Nicholas McCay is from the United States and grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism - News Performance from Western Illinois University. After a short stint as a general assignment reporter, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, and began working in the experiential marketing field. He then moved to Los Angeles, California, and started working in the TV/Film industry. Nicholas began a blog that turned into an E-Book, podcast, and production company called: Eclectic Spacewalk. He is now pursuing a master's degree in Responsibility in Science, Engineering, and Technology in the STS department at TUM. In his free time, he plays soccer, watches movies and documentaries, and loves reading.

Zak Nantais - Sustainable Resource Management

Zak grew up in Ontario, Canada where he completed his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. In 2021, he enrolled in the Sustainable Resource Management masters program at TUM. In his free time, Zak enjoys, hiking, travelling and listening to music.


Jenkin Ng - Sports and Exercise Science

Jenkin was born and raised in Chicago, IL and has been in Munich since October 2018 in pursuit of a M.Sc. in Sports and Exercise Science. He has worked extensively as a dance teaching artist, fitness instructor, and in rehab for older adults prior to his arrival. Much of his free time is spent dancing where he enjoys rolling around the floor and atop his head and is an avid participant in calisthenics training. In his quest to satisfy his intellectual curiosity in the realms of philosophy, politics and religion, he often finds himself engaged in civil discourse with strangers on the U-Bahn. Other hobbies include traveling, skating, fishing, cooking, playing chess and piano.

Darragh Power - Politics

I'm Darragh from Dublin, currently taking a masters in Politics and Technology at the School of Governance. I believe in the power of words to shape worlds, and have written for both academic magazines and my local college newspaper. I have experience teaching through English with both adults and children as a volunteer in Central America. I look forward to finishing the novel left fermenting on my desk since before moving to Germany! I also look forward to working with others on their own projects. I find having another pair of eyes to go through something with you can be an illuminating and empowering experience.

Sophia Storkov - Management and Technology

I grew up in a Russian American family in Arkansas, USA. Growing up bilingual sparked my interest in languages and growing up in the Ozark Mountains marked the beginning of my love for reading and nature. During the completion of my B.Sc. in Business Administration, I taught supplementary accounting courses, and tutored various other classes, like business law. I am currently pursuing a M.Sc. in Management and Technology, and a M.A. in Science and Technology Studies (STS). In my free time, I enjoy spending weekends in the Alps hiking, running, biking, or swimming!

References: All pictures were provided by the Fellows themselves.