The Infopoint of the TUM Language Center is happy to answer your questions about learning languages at TUM. In order for us to answer your inquiries quickly and correctly, we ask that you follow these instructions:


Please check first whether the information you need is accessible online

All relevant information from the TUM Language Center is published on our website. We receive a lot of questions about basic facts for which the information is available online, such as deadlines, the course programme or participation requirements.

Please read the information on our website first before contacting us.

Choose a clear subject line

A meaningful subject of your e-mail helps us to understand and answer your requests much faster. Please state your request briefly in the subject line (e.g. "Request for issuance of a DAAD certificate" or "Question about German courses")

Please include your matriculation number, course names with lecturer, etc.

When enquiring about specific courses or examinations, please always state your matriculation number, name, date and time of the course as well as the name of the lecturer(s). This will enable us to process your request as quickly as possible.

Always reply with the ticket number

When your e-mail arrives, our system will assign a ticket number (“TUM#123456789”) to the request.

If you want to reply or send additional questions, please always leave the ticket number unchanged in the subject of the e-mail (including “TUM#”).

Do not send your request more than once

Please do not send us multiple identical requests or inquiries. We will answer your e-mail as soon as possible. Multiple identical or similar requests will delay processing.

Do not send your request to more than one addressee

Please send your enquiries only to sprachenzentrum@tum.de, we will then clarify for you which contact person is responsible. Please do not put a list of people in cc for your messages. This causes considerable additional work for many departments.

Please write complete e-mails

Please try to describe your request briefly but with all necessary information.

Blank messages or single sentences are not sufficient. We cannot open attachments if there is no explanation of the file's content.

Read the information we send you carefully

When you receive a response, please take the time to read the information carefully. If there is information on our website, we will send the appropriate link. Please click on any links sent along and read the contents carefully.

Please do not send lists of general questions

We often receive lists of questions about basic facts about language courses and studying at the university. Please understand that we do not have the capacity to answer such lists of questions point by point. We will help you find the information yourself on our website.

Any general question has probably already been asked many times before and the answer is probably already available for you on our website.