TUM Language Center

The TUM Language Center plays a central role in the internationalization initiative of the Technical University Munich. We offer students and staff diverse opportunities to develop competence in a foreign language in addition to professional communication skills. Our program strongly emphasizes intercultural communication in the context of scientific research.

Currently all TUM Language Center services are being offered online.

Intensive Courses September/October

Registration intensive courses during semester break:

from July 15, 2021 in TUMonline:

Filter for semester "2021 S" and "Intensive Course" (EN) or "Blockkurs" (DE). Choose "2021 W" for the German intensive courses in October.

Intensive courses are offered in: Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish

No "First Come First Served"!
More information.

Learn a language in WiSe 2021/2022

Registration for language courses during the winter semester:

20.09.2021 until 20.10.2021 in TUMonline:

Instructions for registration.

Examination credit will be given in the form of portfolio assignments completed during the semester.

No "First Come First Served"!
More information.

Independently of the online courses at the TUM Language Center the vhb offers online-courses, as well. A late entry may still be possible. For more information please contact the vhb directly.

For Students

Courses during the Semester, Writing Consulting German & English, TUMtandem, Language Test and Certificates…
Our Program for Students

For Faculty & Staff

DaF for Staff, English Coaching Program, Writing Consulting German & English…
Our Program for TUM Staff

For Doctoral Candidates

DaF for Staff, English Coaching Program, Language Courses…
Our Program for Doctoral Candidates

Academic Writing

Would you like to improve your academic writing skills in German or English?
Here you will find support

TUMtandem - Learning in Tandem

Tandem learning is a language learning method in an autonomous and collaborative manner.
Here you will find information about our program

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