German Matters

This program offers master students in the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology (former faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics) only guaranteed places in exclusive courses at convenient course times to learn German quickly and in an environment of peers.


Do you already have German skills at the A1.1 level and now want to quickly reach B1? German Matters supports you in gaining German skills that move you from the A1.2 to B1.1 levels. For three semesters, you put together your individualized German learning program, choosing from a mix of language courses and additional offerings.


Once you have applied and been accepted to the program, you will receive a ticket that is valid for three semesters. The advantages of the tickets include:

  • You can participate in exclusive courses at levels A1.2 to B1.1. For German Matters participants we offer plus courses (e.g., A2.1plusA2.2) and courses in coveted time slots (4 p.m. or on Fridays).
  • You can also choose from courses in our regular German program if the exclusive German Matters courses do not suit your schedule.
  • Since you are guaranteed a place in a German class, you can integrate your German learning into your individual schedule.
  • During the lecture-free period, you can attend exclusive refresher courses or intensive courses.
  • In intercultural and career-oriented training courses, you can sharpen your skills for your studies and future career.
  • If you wish, the Alumni & Career Team will match you with TUM alumni – for a short job talk or longer-term as mentees.

Registration / Application

International Master students in the Computer Science and the Mathematics departments who are still enrolled at TUM for three semesters ideally can apply. You can start the program at levels A1.2 to B1.1. Please take our placement test to determine your current level.

Application Form

You can apply from Sept 5 until Oct 3rd, 2023 for the winter semester 23/24 program. We will accept 85 new students into the program. If more qualified students than that apply, selection will be done by lottery.

Contact persons at your department

For questions concerning workload and the compatibility of German Matters and your master's program, please contact the person responsible in your department:

Katharina Lechle
German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

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