Writing Fellows Programm

TUM Writing Fellows sind muttersprachliche (oder beinahe muttersprachliche) englischsprachige Studierende, die als Lehrassistent/innen in Lehrveranstaltungen mit einem Schwerpunkt auf schriftlicher Arbeit und regelmäßig im English Writing Center tätig sind. Das Programm hat das langfristige Ziel, Fellows in jeder der 13 Fakultäten der TUM zu gewinnen. So werden Studierende aller Studienprogramme der TUM zukünftig mit Fellows arbeiten können, die sowohl Expert/innen im Schreiben auf Englisch, als auch kompetent im Fachgebiet der Studierenden sind.


Writing Fellows werden aufgrund ihrer nachweislich exzellenten schriftlichen Englischkenntnisse, sowie ihrer Begeisterung diese in ihren Rollen als Studierende und Tutoren weiterzuentwickeln eingestellt. Writing Fellows müssen ein straffes Trainingsprogramm absolvieren, das unter anderem Arbeit vor Ort, Selbststudium, gemeinsames Lernen und Üben mit anderen Fellows und das Betreuen eines fortgeschrittenen Englishkurses im Sprachenzentrum als Lehrassistent beinhaltet. Der erfolgreiche Abschluss des Trainings wird mit einem Zertifikat als Tutor für English belohnt, welches zusammen mit TUM ProLehre | Media and Didactic ausgestellt wird und an allen bayerischen Hochschulen anerkannt ist.

Werden Sie ein Writing Fellow

Wenn Sie sich als Writing Fellow bewerben möchten, senden Sie Ihren Lebenslauf, ein Anschreiben und einen Beispieltext (500 Wörter) an Dr. Heidi Minning (minning@zv.tum.de; im CC an jacobs@zv.tum.de und msibi@zv.tum.de).

Writing Fellows werden gemäß der "Vergütungssätze von wissenschaftlichen und studentischen Hilfskräften" bezahlt. Sie profitieren zudem stark von der Verantwortung und der Arbeitserfahrung, die sie als Teil eines Beratungsteams am English Writing Center sammeln.

Momentane Writing Fellows

Huma Abid - Mathematics

Huma comes from the metropolis of Karachi - the city that still holds her heart. She moved to Munich in Fall 2018 to pursue her Masters in Mathematics at the TUM. Her undergraduate degree is from IBA Karachi where she studied Maths and Economics. During her undergrad Huma has worked as a mentor for various English Language courses. She is experienced with coaching students for both written and spoken pieces. Huma is a huge fan of slam poetry, and her interests can be summed up nicely in the brilliant words of Harry Baker: “ I liked maths because there was always a definite right answer, and I liked poetry because there wasn't a definite wrong one.”

Fazail Ahmad - Management and Technology

Hailing from Pakistan, Fazail is pursuing MSc. in Management and Technology at the TUM School of Management. Fazail developed interest in writing during his Bachelors at the Carnegie Mellon University, and he completed a minor in Professional Writing with focus on style, inter-cultural communication and academic writing. In the past, Fazail has worked as a Teaching Assistant for Professional Writing courses, and currently, he co-manages a study abroad initiative, where he has guided several students in their university applications. When away from work, Fazail follows cricket, watches Korean shows or takes on an adventure somewhere in the world.

Abdullah Ahmed - Management

Abdullah is from Pakistan, but was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. He has completed his pre-engineering in Saudi Arabia and obtained his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), China. Abdullah has previously worked as Peer Tutor at Leibniz Universität Hannover (Leibniz Language Centre) and has 3 years of in-depth experience, working as an R&D engineer in China and as a Project Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry in Saudi Arabia. He is now pursuing a M.Sc. in Management (MiM) at TUM. Besides English, he can speak Chinese, Urdu, Arabic, and Hindi with various degrees of fluency. Abdullah has been an avid enthusiast of debate and discourse. He partook in various competitions and has won several debating awards at the United Nations, New York (National Collegiate Conference Association (NCCA)). In his free time, Abdullah enjoys playing table tennis and reading scientific literature on clinical psychology.

Victor Akinkuoroye - Radiation Biology

A near-native speaker of English from Nigeria, Victor moved to Munich for his master's degree in Radiation Biology. For his bachelor's degree, he studied Radiography at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. During and after his bachelor's studies, he worked as a tutor and guided a number of students to success, in a myriad of international exams. His love for the English language stems from his penchant for reading voraciously. When he's not reading a book, Victor enjoys following the beautiful game of soccer, cooking, and sightseeing.

Juan Pablo Arjona Soberón - Environmental Engineering

My name is Juan Pablo Arjona Soberon and I come from Monterrey, Mexico. I am studying a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Katrina Bartek - Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology

Katrina was born and raised in Michigan, USA. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in Mechanical Engineering in 2017. In the fall of 2018, she moved to Munich and began her master’s program in Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology (ESPACE) at TUM. She has always had a deep interest in learning languages, and currently has various levels of proficiency in Spanish, French, German and Chinese. Besides learning languages, her other interests include reading, playing tennis and pretty much anything space related.

Alia Benedict - Biology

Alia grew up in a small town in Michigan in the United States. In 2019, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology and German Studies from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, before moving to Munich to conduct a research project on freshwater mussels. She will begin her M.Sc. in biology at the TU beginning in the fall of 2020. Alia has previously worked as a language tutor and enjoys the writing and editing process, so she is excited to work with students as a the EWC. In her free time, Alia likes to snorkel, create art, and make big American breakfasts on Sunday mornings.

Jessica Brown - Management and Technology

Born and raised in Texas, Jessica has been living in Munich since 2015. She has spent the last two years studying the German language. Previously working as a Graphic Designer, she is now pursuing a degree in Technology and Management at TUM. In her free time she enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her dog.

Katie Carter - Environmental Engineering

Born and raised outside Washington, DC, Katie earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy. She worked for several years as an environmental consultant for the U.S. government, writing policy and promoting sustainable energy use, before moving to Munich in October 2018 to pursue her master's degree in Environmental Engineering at TUM. Katie has served as both a mentor and a writing tutor in the U.S. and is excited to serve in this role again at TUM's English Writing Center. In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading Harry Potter in German, going to the gym, and exploring the city with friends.

Callum Coupland - Nutrition and Biomedicine

Callum Coupland was born in the UK but spent twelve years attending school in Cologne (Köln). This experience gave Callum the chance to learn German fluently and enjoy the many brilliant aspects a life in Germany brings. After moving to Brighton to study Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, Callum was keen to return to Germany to pursue a MSc. in Nutrition and Biomedicine. A passion for writing and languages developed from writing fiction and reading about geo-politics and biology. In his spare time Callum enjoys hiking and cooking.

Ana Cukarska - Mechanical Engineering

Ana was born into a bilingual family in North Macedonia. After graduating from an English taught high school, she moved to Munich to learn German and study mechanical engineering. Her main interests are (computational) fluid dynamics, numerical analysis and machine learning. She sees English writing as an important communication tool in the scientific world as well as a way to express ourselves. Ana spends her free time reading 20th century American novels, exploring the Munich area by bike or playing table tennis, backgammon and chess.

Aleksandra Daniluk - Chemistry

Aleksandra was born in Poland but moved to Houston, Texas, at the age of eight, where she attended elementary school. After her return to Poland, she extensively studied the English language which led to her working as an English Tutor. She studied German for six years and moved to Munich in 2019. Currently she is a chemistry student pursuing a bachelor’s degree. In her free time, Aleksandra loves hiking in the Alps and spending time with her friends.

Sheh Khan - Environmental Engineering

Born and raised as a Pakistani in Saudi Arabia, Shehryaar is a salad bowl of multiculturalism striving to add more to himself. He studied at a Bangladeshi School and has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University Malaysia. He possesses a keen interest in the expressiveness of English Writing and has worked as an English Tutor and Writer in Karachi, Pakistan for around one year. His experience and passion for solving the water crisis drove him to enrol in the master’s program for Environmental Engineering. Shehryaar moved to Munich in April 2019 and aims to learn more languages than just German. In his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, reading, travelling, and surfing the internet for something new worth exploring.

Bishr Maradni - Computational Mechanics

Bishr was born and raised in Damascus, the capital of Syria. Pursuing his dreams, he went to the Sultanate of Oman to study and get a Bachelor degree in Civil engineering, during which he worked as an English fellow in the Language Center in Sultan Qaboos University. Currently, the tides of time have taken him to the wonderful city of Munich on September 2019, as he is pursuing a Master’s in Computational Mechanics. In his free time, Bishr likes to play sports; basketball, swimming, and water polo are his favorite. He also like spending time on video games.

Pia Marciano - Environmental Engineering

Pia grew up in a small town in New Hampshire, USA. Three years ago, she went back to her roots and moved to Germany for her master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Her love for the English language started years ago when she spent hours hiding from the world in books. Since then, she has expanded her horizons to fluency in both German and Spanish and working as a writing fellow for TUM. In her free time, she enjoys a host of hobbies, including creating art and most outdoor activities.

Madison Montgomery - Management and Technology

Madison is a dual citizen of the US and the UK but was born and raised in Texas. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Management and Technology at the TUM School of Management. Madison completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Management at Boston College. Before coming to Munich, she worked as a marketer at professional services firms in Boston and Los Angeles. In her spare time, Madison enjoys traveling, baking, fitness classes, and studying languages and world history.

Jenkin Ng - Sports and Exercise Science

Jenkin was born and raised in Chicago, IL and has been in Munich since October 2018 in pursuit of a M.Sc. in Sports and Exercise Science. He has worked extensively as a dance teaching artist, fitness instructor, and in rehab for older adults prior to his arrival. Much of his free time is spent dancing where he enjoys rolling around the floor and atop his head and is an avid participant in calisthenics training. In his quest to satisfy his intellectual curiosity in the realms of philosophy, politics and religion, he often finds himself engaged in civil discourse with strangers on the U-Bahn. Other hobbies include traveling, skating, fishing, cooking, playing chess and piano.

Darragh Power - Politics

I'm Darragh from Dublin, currently taking a masters in Politics and Technology at the School of Governance. I believe in the power of words to shape worlds, and have written for both academic magazines and my local college newspaper. I have experience teaching through English with both adults and children as a volunteer in Central America. I look forward to finishing the novel left fermenting on my desk since before moving to Germany! I also look forward to working with others on their own projects. I find having another pair of eyes to go through something with you can be an illuminating and empowering experience.

Réka Rozsnyói - Sustainable Resource Management

Réka was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Later, she lived in the Netherlands for 3 years while completing her bachelor’s degree in International Studies at Leiden University. Currently, she is a master’s student of Sustainable Resource Management at TUM, living in Freising. She has always been a big fan of travelling, languages, and cultures, so she was very excited to make the move to Germany and to join the Writing Fellow program. In her free time, she loves to listen to music, cook or bake, do all kinds of sports, and spend time outdoors.

Erin Walker - Health Science

Erin was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, USA, where she also attended Ohio State University for her bachelor’s degree. Since then, she hasn’t stopped moving around. Upon graduation, she immediately started working as a Peace Corps Volunteer for 2 years in Malawi, where she lived and worked in the local language, Chichewa. It was there that she met German volunteers who inspired her to eventually move to Germany for her M.Sc. in Health Sciences in 2020. In her free time, Erin enjoys yoga, learning German, and all things musical theatre.

Isha Yogesh - Human Biology

Isha grew up in different states in India, absorbing their unique cultures. She moved to Paris for high school, where she immersed herself in the new landscape of French life. She studied Biochemistry and Cell Biology during her bachelor’s degree in Bremen, Germany, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Human Biology at LMU, Munich. Having experienced many cultures and lifestyles, she is a travel enthusiast with a love for learning languages and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. While passionate about English language and literature, she has various levels of fluency in French, German and a few Indian languages. When not at work, you can find her meditating, running, or experimenting with cooking.

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