Writing Fellows Program

TUM Writing Fellows sind muttersprachliche (oder beinahe muttersprachliche) englischsprachige Studierende, die als Lehrassistent/innen in Lehrveranstalungen mit dem Schwerpunkt Schreiben und regelmäßig im English Writing Center tätig sind. Das Programm hat das langfristige Ziel, Fellows in jeder der 13 Fakultäten der TUM zu gewinnen. So werden Studierende aller Studienprogramme der TUM zukünftig mit Fellows arbeiten können, die sowohl Expert/innen im Schreiben auf Englisch als auch kompetent im Fachgebiet der Studierenden sind.


Writing Fellows weisen sich durch hervorragende Leistungen im englischen Schreiben aus und haben den Anspruch, diese Fertigkeiten als Wissenschaftler/innen und Berater/inen weiterzuentwickeln. Jeder Fellow muss mindestens ein Semester als Lehrassistent/in in einer Lehrveranstaltung für fortgeschrittenes Schreiben in Englisch am TUM Sprachenzentrum arbeiten. Durch das Assistieren in Lehrveranstaltungen oder durch zusätzliche Schulungen werden die Fellows von den Englisch-Lektor/innen regelmäßig weitergebildet.

Werden Sie ein Writing Fellow

Wenn Sie sich als Writing Fellow bewerben möchten, senden Sie Ihren Lebenslauf, ein Anschreiben und einen Beispieltext (500 Wörter) an Dr. Heidi Minning (minning@zv.tum.de; im CC an shannon@zv.tum.de, jacobs@zv.tum.de).

Writing Fellows werden gemäß der “Vergütungssätze von wissenschaftlichen und studentischen Hilfskräften” bezahlt. Sie profitieren zudem stark von der Verantwortung und der Arbeitserfahrung, die sie als Teil eines Beratungsteams am English Writing Center sammeln.

Current Writing Fellows

Fazail Ahmad - Management and Technology

Hailing from Pakistan, Fazail is pursuing MSc. in Management and Technology at the TUM School of Management. Fazail developed interest in writing during his Bachelors at the Carnegie Mellon University, and he completed a minor in Professional Writing with focus on style, inter-cultural communication and academic writing. In the past, Fazail has worked as a Teaching Assistant for Professional Writing courses, and currently, he co-manages a study abroad initiative, where he has guided several students in their university applications. When away from work, Fazail follows cricket, watches Korean shows or takes on an adventure somewhere in the world.

Obren Amiesimaka - Health Sciences

Born in Nigeria, Obren is a cheerful and friendly native English speaker, with a flair for the language. He got his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University in England where he was a member of various university committees and an officer of the students’ union. Subsequently, Obren worked in international development, education administration, auditing and lastly financial services. In the autumn of 2017, he came to TUM in pursuit of a master’s degree in Health Sciences – Prevention and Health Promotion. He is also a published author of a scientific paper. As a voracious reader and a lover of literature, he spends his free time reading books of all genres and staying abreast of the news and current affairs.

Hasan Ashraf - Computational Science and Engineering

Hasan comes from the verdurous plains of Punjab in Pakistan. His romance with English goes back to an abridged version of Oliver Twist he had to read for school. He has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from PIEAS in Islamabad and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Computational Science and Engineering at TUM. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, going on long walks, and struggling with the German language.

Caryl S. Benjamin - Sustainable Resource Management

Caryl is from the Philippines, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development and completed postgraduate coursework in Marine Science. Her writing experience includes proposals, project reports and manuscripts for both Social Science and Natural Science research. Her work on coral ecology and agent-based modelling were published in peer-reviewed journals. After several years of Marine Science research and around four hundred hours spent underwater, she moved to landlocked Munich to pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management.

Jessica Brown - Technology and Management

Born and raised in Texas, Jessica has been living in Munich since 2015. She has spent the last two years studying the German language. Previously working as a Graphic Designer, she is now pursuing a degree in Technology and Management at TUM. In her free time she enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her dog.

Catriona Bruce - Applied Physics

Catriona is from England, where she earned her Bachelors degree in physics from the University of Birmingham. During her first degree she worked in the University office of international student affairs, and herself did study exchanges to New Zealand and China. Before settling in Munich in Spring 2016, she attended the graduate school of the Climate Systems and Predictions research cluster in Hamburg and wrote bulletins for the European Climate Research Association. Now a Masters student of applied physics at TUM.

Ming Chun Tang - Sustainable Resource Management

Ming grew up in Hong Kong and has lived in Switzerland, the UK and the US, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree majoring in world politics from Hamilton College. After a brief stint writing foreign policy analysis and op-ed pieces for a think tank in Washington, D.C., he returned to work as an academic editorial assistant at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is now pursuing a master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management at TUM, although his main interests are ironically aviation, freight transport, and tourism.

Maeve Cook-Deegan - Health Science

Maeve was born and raised in the US and she went to Scotland (St Andrews) to receive her undergraduate degree in Psychology and International Relations. Being the daughter of an academic, an avid reader, and a general writing enthusiast, she is pleased to be among the Writing Fellows assisting students at TUM. Maeve has a background in academic writing in both the sciences and the humanities and has also published articles for a psychology blog. Maeve came to Munich to pursue her MSc in Health Science. In her free time around Munich, Maeve rock climbs, enjoys käsespätzle and beer, and hopefully will soon be surfing the Eisbachwelle.

Daniel Danzl - Management and Technology

Daniel grew up in southern Bavaria and moved to Munich in 2014. His fascination for the English language has derived from novels and movies as well as travelling to North America and the UK. He has earned a B.Sc. in Management and Technology at TUM and is now working towards his M.Sc. in the same field. During his undergraduate studies, Daniel spent a semester at the University of Bath in England where he pursued his interest in the English culture, language, and writing.

Jessica Dolan - Management and Technology

Jessica was born and raised in Cork, Ireland. Inspired by her love of adventure and languages, she moved to Munich in 2015 and began working in a bilingual kindergarten and taking German classes. She has a B.A in Education Studies from Mary Immaculate College in Limerick and is now pursuing a degree in Management and Technology at TUM. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, reading and cooking.

Keefe Huang - Computational Science and Engineering

Keefe hails from Singapore, a small island country in South East Asia, where he obtained a Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering. He served a brief stint as an editor for the student publications department in his Alma mater and honed his written communications skills through the various technical assignments required for his coursework. Keefe spends his days attempting to write computer code, eating pretzels and butchering the German language when not assisting non-native speakers with the English language.

Nael Kerzabi - Sustainable Resource Management in Freising

Nael Kerzabi was born in the USA and was raised in both France and the US. He has lived in the USA, France and Japan for multiple years. He got his undergraduate degree at Indiana University in Political Science. He has previous work as an English teacher in Japan for 2 years.

Keith Murray - Sustainable Resource Management

Keith comes from New Zealand, where he received his Bachelors in Political Science and History at the University of Canterbury. For the last five years he has worked as an English and History teacher in Taiwan, Iraq, and Somalia. Now, he is back in the student role, studying for a Master’s in Sustainable Resource Management at TUM.

Mary Rizk - Sustainable Resource Management

Mary was born and raised in the United States, but has lived abroad since completing high school. She has a BA in International Comparative Politics and History from the American University of Paris, where she worked as a writing fellow for four years. She is currently pursuing a MS in Sustainable Resource Management.

Connor Spiech - Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at LMU

Connor is from a small town in Ohio and graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience from The Ohio State University in 2012. Through his philosophy minor, Connor developed his clear and concise style and a frustratingly critical eye for writing. He has also taught a seminar on professional skills like résumé and cover letter writing. Connor is now working toward his MSc in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at LMU where he regularly writes scientific manuscripts. In his spare time, Connor brews craft beer and butchers the German language with his roommates as he learns Bavarian.

Christelle Al Haddad - Transportation Systems

Born and raised in Lebanon, Christelle earned her French Baccalaureate in High School. However, she was always passionate about English Language, reading and writing. She completed her university degree at the American University of Beirut, earning her Bachelor of Civil Engineering with a minor in Music. During her university studies, she further enhanced her writing skills through technical reports, which were part of assignments and projects. She currently moved to Munich to pursue her MSc in Transportation Systems.

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