TUMtandem - Learning in Tandem

Tandem learning is a language learning method, which enables two people with different mother tongues to learn the other’s language in an autonomous and collaborative manner. The program also encourages the tandem partners to ask questions that will foster a deeper mutual understanding of and respect for the differences between each other’s cultural backgrounds.

  • Autonomy: Contents, topics and learning goals can be chosen individually
  • Flexibility: Tandems can select time and location for their meetings
  • Authenticity and practical relevance due to real speaking and writing situations
  • Direct learning from and with a native speaker
  • Intercultural exchange • Practice-oriented preparation for a stay abroad
  • Supports international students in their integration process in Germany
  • Possibility to establish contacts and make friends

  • You are a student or employee at the TU Munich
  • You are a native speaker of one of the following languages AND would like to learn one of the following languages:

Arabic                              Chinese                         Danish                            Dutch
French                             German                          Hebrew                          Italian         
Japanese                         Korean                          Norwegian                      Portuguese      
Russian                            Swedish                        Spanish                          Turkish

  • You have basic knowledge of the foreign language you would like to learn.


Tandem partnerships with German and one of the following languages

French    Japanese    Italian    Portuguese    Spanish    Swedish    Russian

are supervised for one or two semesters by lecturers of the TUM Language Center. You will receive various topic suggestions and tasks on the learning platform www.moodle.tum.de.
We will send you more information when you receive the name of your tandem partner. At the end of the semester, you will receive a Moodle certificate only if you write about your experiences and answer questions about the tandem. ECTS are not awarded.

For all other languages:  you will only receive an e-mail with contact details and further information if we find someone for you. The tandems will receive supporting materials to help them carry out their tandem independently.

Registration for the WiSe21 from 01.10.2021 to 30.10.2021


Once we have found a tandem partner for you, we will send you an email notification with contact details so you can get in contact with each other.

In order to support the learning process, we will provide you with suggestions for topics, ideas on types of exercise as well as advice on how to correct each other appropriately.

How does a tandem meeting typically work?

You should meet your tandem partner regularly. The tandem sessions should either take place online (e.g. via Zoom) or in person, though observing the applicable distance and hygiene rules.

It is important that in every session the languages are practiced separately for a predetermined amount of time so that you benefit equally from your tandem partnership (e.g. in a 90 minute meeting 45 minutes per language).

In order for your meetings to be successful, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Arrange regular meetings and keep the appointments
  • At the beginning of your tandem partnership, define your individual learning goals and consider how you can achieve them
  • After each session, take a moment to discuss how you would like to proceed in the next session
  • Before each meeting, the tandem partners prepare topics and exercises in their non-native languages based on their interests and learning goals
  • Don’t forget to plan some time for the follow-up after and especially the preparations before the meetings.

For questions and further information: tandem@tum.de