Intercultural Communication

New: Intercultural competencies for multicultural teams

Future engineers are required to coordinate cross-disciplinary work and must be able to bring people with different backgrounds together. Next to technical skill and expert knowledge in their field, intercultural competencies and communication skills are vital for successful engineering in a European context. Having said that, what exactly are the ingredients for successful collaboration in multicultural settings? The workshops of the EuroTeQ Engineering Universityfocus on the intercultural agility that is crucial for studying and working in a multicultural environment. 

The course is especially designed for students in engineering-related programs, but is generally open to all TUM students. In particular, students who will be studying at a EuroTeQ partner university in the coming academic year or who are currently studying at TUM from these universities are invited to register for this training. Students should see themselves working in a European context later on. 

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Working as an Engineer in Germany B2 + C1

As future engineers, this seminar prepares you for intercultural aspects of a professional life in Germany. You learn about cornerstones of the German labor market, such as collective labor agreements and the works council. After the course, you are able to understand a work contract and a salary statement. You become familiar with work-related German values and cultural standards and practice intercultural communication for successful cooperation with supervisors and in multinational teams.

This course is part of the certificate program German for Engineers, but can also be booked as an independent course.

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For TUM international students

Intercultural Communication Skills - Basics "Fit for Studying in Germany"

How do traditions of teaching and learning in an academic environment differ from one culture to another? Which conventions exist regarding the communication between professors, lecturers and students during, before and after lectures? These and many other questions surrounding studying at a German university will be covered in this half day seminar from an intercultural perspective. Please register through TUMonline.​

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For students planning an exchange with Erasmus or TUMexchange

Intercultural Communication Skills - Basics "Fit for the Exchange"

What happens when you leave your normal surroundings behind and venture out into a new and different world? How do you consciously engage with the new environment? What role does your own culture play in this? Good intercultural communication skills are a prerequisite for professional success in our globalized world today. In order to gain the most benefit from your international exchange program and with an aim to enhance this important skill set, the TUM Language Center offers you this half day intercultural training course in cooperation with the TUM Global & Alumni Office. Please register through TUMonline.

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Fit for Staff Mobility

Intercultural Communication Skills – Basics “Fit for Staff Mobility”

Intercultural competence is an essential skill for successfully working in an international environment. Actively reflecting one’s own cultural identity plays an important part in developing cultural awareness. In order to gain most from your exchange program and to be able to integrate your intercultural experiences profitably into your daily work, TUM Language Center offers this half-day intercultural training course in cooperation with the International Center.  

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How are things done elsewhere? Compare and Share

A workshop to exchange experiences and to improve intercultural understanding

You are back from your stay abroad and have immersed yourself once again into regular TUM life. Your international experience is the point of departure for a deeper look into intercultural communication and its stumbling blocks.

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Intercultural Communication

This course, taught in English, should familiarize you with the main dimensions of cultural variation. While learning to understand and appreciate cultural difference, you will improve your ability to communicate effectively in a global context. We will watch film clips, do simulations and hold discussions. Course enrolment is limited to 20 participants. This course counts toward the »Kulturelle Kompetenz Modul von der Carl von Linde-Akademie«.