Lecture Series Global Voices 2013-2015

ReichTUM der Kulturen im Kontext von Wissenschaft und Technik

The interface between society,ethics and technology is of great importance for the Technical University of Munich. In the series of lectures “Global Voices”, the TUM Language Center and the Munich Center for Technology in Society approached this topic in the context of the diverse cultural backgrounds.

Which influence does language and tradition have on the Economy? How much creativity is feasible on technology? How do other cultures teach, research and develop?

In order to have a better understanding regarding these topics, we invited renowned personalities with job insights on specific countries to report on their experience and the current situation of the corresponding worked country. The presentations tackled a wide range of subjects, such as automobile design, aeronautics, astronautics, neuroscience, cyber security and intercultural negotiation practice. Participants of the open lecture series received an impression of the captivating interaction between language, culture, technology and science.

At the same time, the language center was able to show its diversity in course offers. We invited guests to presents parts of their lecture in their native language. Simultaneously, students were encouraged to use their recently acquired language knowledge. That way, besides English and German, one could hear Arabic, Chinese, Hebraic, Italian, Japanese and Swedish during the past presentations.

The kick-off event for Global Voices started on 2013 – the last lecture was given on 2015.


  • Israel & Deutschland 2.0: Startups, Partnerschaften, (Geschäfts-)Kulturen und interkulturelle Verhandlungen
    Date: 29.06.2015
    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Guy Katz (FOM Professor for International Management & Leadership)
  • Mobile Technologie Trends und wie sie unser Leben revolutionieren werden
    Speaker: Harry Kaib (Head of Customer Marketing, Deutsche Telekom Group at Nokia)
  • Neuroscience without Borders: From the wake of Sigmund Freud to the curious case Phineas Cage and beyond
    Date: 24.04.2015
    Speaker: Dr. Anand Viswanathan ( Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston)
  • Cyber Security - The Empire Strikes Hack
    Date: 12.02.2015
    Speaker: Mark Huges (CEO Britisch Telecom Security)


  • Für die Erde ins All - Der Blick aufs Ganze
    Date: 11.12.2014
    Speaker: Claudia Kessler (CEO HE Space Operations GmbH)
  • A Link to India - Research, Study, Culture
    Date: 12.11.2014
    Speaker: Sevala Naik (Indischer Generalkonsul München)
  • What Facilities Innovation? A Summary of Research Evidence
    Date:  03.07.2014
    Speaker: Prof. Claudia Peus (Forschungs- und Wissenschaftsmanagement TUM)
  • Avertising for Technology & Technology for Advertising
    Date: 03.07.2014
    Speaker: Susan Westre (Excutive Director Ogilvy)
  • Where Technology & Science meet Art & Business - A Finnish Perspective
    Date: 06.05.2014
    Speaker: Heidi Rontu und Pauli Kudel (Aalto University Finnland)
  • Die Weltmacht China
    Date: 22.01.2014
    Speaker: Wanjin Zhu (Chinesischer Generalkonsul München)


  • Kreativität im Einklang mit Technik und Marketing
    Termin: 02.12.2013
    Speaker: Walter de Silva (Italienischer Generalkonsul München, Chefdesigner der Volkswagen AG)
  • Wenn Sitte & Tradition sich nach Wissenschaft & Technik sehnt
    Date: 21.11.2013
    Speaker: Dr. Mohammed A. Higazy (Ägytischer Botschafter Berlin)