Schreibberatung – German Writing Assistance

As a TUM student or scholar, you can receive help with your academic writing projects.

We advise you during all phases of your writing process (planning, wording, editing).


The offer is open for international students, visiting scholars, postdocs and doctoral candidates.
We support you when you ...

  • write a term paper, a thesis or a dissertation,
  • create a presentation, a CV, a cover letter for an application,
  • have questions about outline, form, or conventions of academic writing in German.

We will assist you in improving your current writing projects and also in developing your academic writing skills in the long term.

NOTE: We do not correct or edit texts for you; rather we work with you to help you improve your written communication skills.


Appointments can be made through our online booking calendar. Please note: At the moment, our service is only available via Skype or Zoom.

Christine Reulein

German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Office Hours
On Tuesdays from 11:00 to 12:00

By arrangement during the semester break
Room 105, Richard-Wagner-Str. 3 (MUC)
Tel.: 089/289-29323