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This site is a comprehensive online database of English writing. Abounding with detailed explanations, samples, and exercises, it provides guidance in virtually every field—business, academia, the sciences, journalism, to name a few.

North American Style

Harvard Office of Career Services: Templates, Guides and Examples 

From the University of California Berkeley Career Center:

British Style

From the Oxford University Careers Service:

Duke University
Scientific Writing Resource

A website with step-by-step lessons and worksheets on basic principles of style in scientific writing

Scitable - Nature Education
English Communication for Scientists

An excellent website from Nature with guidelines and examples for every facet of scientific communication

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace - Joseph M. Williams

Writing for Science and Engineering - Heather Silyn-Roberts

Academic Writing for Graduate Students - John M. Swales and Christine B. Feak

Writing Science in Plain English - Anne E. Greene

The Sense of Style - Steven Pinker


Please find our handouts on this page.

Scientific Writing Showcase

Here you will find numerous academic articles from top journals that serve as exemplars of good English writing.

TUM Writing Guidelines

This page is a collection of writing guidelines from various TUM faculties.