Registration for English DAAD Testing at TUM

We offer the DAAD test throughout the whole year according to demand: Typically weekly in the winter semester, fortnightly the rest of the year and with a break in August.

The testing team will ensure that all tests taken before exchange deadlines will be issued in time for submission.

Testing is available online via Moodle using e-proctoring from ‘Proctorio’ on Friday afternoons.

Test dates/times become visible on the booking calendar 2 months ahead of time, it is your responsibility to sign up for a test in good time! You may sign up for only ONE TEST APPOINTMENT PER SEMESTER. Please cancel any unneeded booking in good time to allow another student the chance of a place (cancellation link in confirmation email).

Important details about the e-proctored test

·       You will need a fairly new computer with a webcam and microphone (preferably a headset). A mobile phone is not adequate.

·       As a registered candidate, you will be sent an enrolment key and link to access the Moodle test page a few days before the test.

·       You will need to perform a short set-up check BEFORE the afternoon of the test: This is to ensure you have a smooth techno-experience during the actual test, and gives you the chance to find an alternative device if yours does not work. You will not be able to access the real test without having completed this check.

·       The 90 minute e-proctored test is available in a 3 hour ‘window’. It is your responsibility to start early enough to be able to finish within this time period.

Frequently Asked Questions (Answers)

Can I get a DAAD certificate without taking the test?


If you have successfully completed a TUM Language Center course of at least 3 ECTS credits, the Einzelleistungsnachweis will be accepted as proof of your language proficiency for all TUM exchange applications. In addition, take a look at the TUM Global & Alumni Office's list of acceptable alternatives for the TUMexchange program.

Please note: We do not ‘convert’ certificates from other institutions into DAAD certificates, we must have come into contact with you either in a course or in the test before we issue one!


I need a certificate to show my level of English, which one do I need?

Sorry, we are not the people to advise you. For the Erasmus exchange you will need to ask the Erasmus Beauftragte in your faculty. For TUM exchange, refer to the advice on the TUM Global & Alumni Office’s website:

I need a DAAD certificate, how do I get one?


There are two ways to get certification for an exchange program:

1. Attend and complete a TUM Language Center course of at least 3 ECTS credits – the Einzelleistungsnachweis can be used directly in the university’s exchange applications (TUMexchange, Erasmus+ etc).

2. Take the TUM Language Center test for DAAD certification – the test is offered year-round, check the website for details.

Please note: We do not ‘convert’ certificates from other institutions into DAAD certificates, we must have come into contact with you either in a course or in the test before we issue one!


How long is the certificate valid?

The DAAD certificate is generally considered valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

Where do I sign up for the test?

Places for the test dates are limited so please organize yourself early! You can book a place for the test at MUC or WZW online at

If you are unable to take the test, please cancel the appointment via the link in the confirmation email from the booking site, so that another student can use it.

What does it cost?

The test is free for TUM students.

I took the test already. Can I take it again?

You may take the test a maximum of once per semester, so once in the WiSe (from October to Easter), once in the SoSe (from Easter to September).

How can I prepare for the test? Is there a preparation course?

The test for DAAD certification is a simple test of your current language skills. You can best prepare by regularly reading/ watching quality English language media and actively practising your productive language (written and spoken).

What will I have to do in the test?

Our computer-based test for DAAD certification is being rolled out on the campuses in MUC and WZW. It consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking sections (both multiple choice and active production) and will take about 2 hours.

Please be sure to have your matriculation card, TUMid and password with you to be able to log in to the PCs!

I’m in Munich but I’m not a TUM student. Can I take the test?

Sorry, no. The test is only open to matriculated TUM students. You will need a TUMid and password to get into the computer-based test.

I need a place urgently and there are none left! Can I just turn up on the day?

Typically one or two students may not turn up for their booked test date. If you do not have a place you may be fortunate and be able to get a ‘no-show’, but we cannot promise one. If you plan to do this, please contact the DAAD coordinator at and be sure to introduce yourself as a standby candidate at the start of the test.

How long will it take to get my certificate?


If you have taken the Moodle based test, your certificate will be issued as a PDF within a week of the test. It will be sent directly to your TUM email address.

If you have requested a paper certificate, you should allow about 10 days before it will be ready for collection. You will receive an email when it is ready. You will need to show your matriculation card when you go to collect it.


I need my certificate urgently! Can I get it sooner?

Speak to your DAAD examiner before the test to see if an earlier collection is possible. But please note, ultimately your lack of preparation is not our problem.

I can’t pick up my certificate myself!

It is possible to nominate a friend to pick it up for you, contact the TUM Language Center office with the details. Alternatively, you can give the examiner a self-addressed, stamped envelope for them to post you the certificate.

I consider myself a native speaker of English. Can you issue me a C2 certificate?

Sadly, we don’t have the resources to make alternative arrangements for every situation. You will need to follow the usual routes to obtain a DAAD certificate.

I need a paper copy of the DAAD certificate.

Sometimes an exchange institution will request an original, paper copy of the certificate. You will need to email documents to the office of the TUM Language Center ( Certificates will take about 10 days to issue.

If you took a DAAD test: Send an email to TUM Language Center attaching a scan of the DAAD certificate, or with your name and a or the (approximate) date of the test and a paper certificate can be issued. Please note, it will be issued with the date of the original test.

If you completed a TUM Language Center course: Email a copy of the Einzelleistungsnachweis to TUM Language Center.

I would like a DAAD certificate for my CV

As suggested by its name, the certificate from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service) is solely intended to facilitate your applications for international studies/ work experience.

The DAAD certificate is only recognised within academia and does not have the wide international acceptance (particularly in companies) of proficiency certification such as the Cambridge Exams, IELTS, TOEFL etc.

For these reasons, if you are determined to include a certificate in your CV, a printout from your own printer is more than adequate!

I have a special form that needs to be filled out for my internship/ exchange university. Can you sign it?

To know your level, you will have to take the DAAD test, or send us a copy of the Einzelleistungsnachweis for the TUM Language Center English course you have completed. We can then fill out this form for you on the basis of your level. Please bring a copy of the form you need to the test, or attach it and the Einzelleistungsnachweis as PDFs to your email.

I work at TUM, can I take the test?

The test is open to all matriculated students and staff, including PhD candidates: Each candidate should show a TUM ID card at the test.

I have dyslexia and am entitled to an extension of time during exams. Does this also apply to the TUM test for DAAD certification?

Yes, of course. Please send a PDF of your ‘Nachteilausgleich’ letter to the DAAD coordinator 2 weeks before your appointment date.