Learn Catalan at the TUM Language Center

Catalan is spoken in the autonomous regions of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, on Spanish territory, as well as in parts of southern France and Andorra, among others. Just like Spanish, "Catalá" is one of the Romance languages, but also for those who can already speak Spanish, Catalan is a new language with a different vocabulary and its own pronunciation rules.

Winter term 2022/23

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Courses during the semester

We offer Catalan courses for level A1 following the CEFR.

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María Jesús García

Head of Spanish and Catalan Program

Office Hours
On Tusdays from 14:00 to 14:45

By arrangement during the semester break
Room 310, Richard-Wagner-Str. 3 (MUC)

Photo Credits: Photos 1-3 are released under Creative Commons CC0 and freely available in the public domain at www.pixabay.com. Photo 4 García: Eckert, Astrid and Heddergott, Andreas / TUM