Language Certificates & Tests

The Einzelleistungsnachweis for a TUM Language Center Course

Students who have successfully completed a language course of at least 3 ECTS at the TUM Language Center may upload the corresponding Einzelleistungsnachweis as proof of language proficiency for any exchange program organised by TUM. This can be downloaded as a PDF from TUMonline.

If you need a certificate before completing the language course (e.g. for an Erasmus application), please take a screenshot of your course registration in TUMonline and additionally indicate in your application that you will submit your certificate after successful completion of the course in the application process.

The DAAD Certificate

As suggested by its name, the certificate from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service) is solely intended to facilitate your applications for short-term international studies/ work experience. It is not recognized outside the academic sphere.

Please note: We do not ‘convert’ certificates from other institutions into DAAD certificates, we must have come into contact with you either in a course or in the test before we issue one!

You do not need a DAAD Certificate for all programs or activities abroad. Please contact the TUM Global & Alumni Office or your faculty coordinator to see which form of proof you need for your plans abroad.

DAAD Certificate on the Basis of a TUM Language Center Course

Once you have been offered an exchange place, the partner university may request the academically-recognized DAAD certificate. Please send the relevant Einzelleistungsnachweis of a course of at least 3 ECTS* as a PDF to with the request for a DAAD Certificate.

* Exceptions are possible. If necessary, please enquire before attending the course whether a DAAD certificate is possible.

DAAD Certificate on the Basis of a TUM Language Center Test

The TUM Language Center offers free testing to matriculated TUM students and staff in various languages for DAAD certificates. This certificate can be used to apply for an exchange program or internship abroad (e.g. DAAD, TUMexchange, Erasmus+, LAOTSE, BWL, SOMex).

You can register to take the DAAD test for English, French, Italian or Spanish on the specified testing dates. Please plan your test date in good time, and expect to wait at least one week to receive your results. Your certificate will be issued as a PDF direct to your TUM email address.


With the exception of a break in August, we offer the DAAD test throughout the whole year according to demand. Currently we are offering the Moodle based test on the main campus in Munich..
Read more and register here.


From the winter semester 2020/2021, the DAAD test will be offered once a month on Moodle with e-proctoring.
Registration and more information about the French DAAD test.


Current test dates and information on the procedure can be found here.


Current test dates and information on the procedure can be found here.

Additional Languages

For a DAAD certificate / DAAD test in other languages, please contact the respective language area's head or coordinator; see staff of TUM Language Center.

For German as a foreign language, please contact Renate Steidten