"DIVERSITY" Film Series

Respect the differences - discover the similarities

A project of the HFF Munich and the TUM Language Center

Since May 20, 2016, the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) and the TUM Language Center have come to share more than just the same neighborhood; now they have also joined forces with regard to content. HFF students can attend courses offered by the TUM Language Center in 17 languages, either to prepare for planned stays abroad or to deepen their knowledge of German through "German as a foreign language" courses.

Another connection is the joint Diversity Film Series, which enables HFF and TUM students to discuss current issues in a socio-cultural context through international films and to talk to people from the respective countries and cultures. The international films – also by graduates of the HFF – that are offered in the framework of the project "Diversity - Respect the Differences, Discover the Similarities" are usually shown in the original language with German or English subtitles and are specially selected by lecturers from the respective language areas of the TUM Language Center. Each film is followed by a lively discussion.

All events


  • In Brasilien auf Hunsrückisch leben (Hunsrückisch, Portugese OmdU) date: May 23rd
    Read more here.
  • Close up Turkey (German/ Turkish) date: May 16th
    More information can be found here.
  • Movie Night on the topic "Escape" in cooperation with TUM ForTe - Salam Neighbor English, Arabic (OmeU)
    date: January 17th 
    More information can be found here.


  • European Movie Night (TUM SZ and IC) - Djam (French, Turkish, Greek, OmdU)
    date: December 13th
    An article about the European movie night can be found on the website of the International Center and in the TUMcampus magazine (1/19).
  • Short Film Night- Feiert Eileen! and Intergalactical Chewing Gum (German)
    date: November 20th
    More information can be found here.
  • Close up Israel (German/ Hebrew/ Arabic (OmU)) date: May 9th
    More information can be found here.
  • The Red Spot (German/ Japanese) date: April 26th
    More information can be found here.
  • Europe, she loves (Englisch, Estnisch, Griechisch, Spanisch, OmdU)
    Termin: 23.01.2018
    An article about the european movie night can be found here.


  • Ushpizin (Hebräisch, OmeU) Termin: 07.12.2017
  • Liebe hin - Liebe her (Chinesisch) Termin: 05.07.2017
  • Cidade Cinza (Portugiesisch) Termin: 14.06.2017


  • The Reunion (Schwedisch) Termin: 24.11.2016
  • Citizenfour (Englisch) Termin: 16.06.2016
  • Ein letzter Tango (Spanisch) Termin: 02.06.2016


  • The Face Reader (Koreanisch) Termin: 09.12.2015
  • Waste Land / Lixo extraordinário (Portugiesisch) Termin: 11.11.2015
  • Assal Asswed (Arabisch) Termin: 13.01.2015


  • Metro – Im Netz des Todes (Russisch) Termin: 03.12.2014
  • Tropa de elite (Portugiesisch) Termin: 05.11.2014 Ubberdog (Norwegen) Termin: 08.10.2014