TUM Language Center News

Whenever the TUM calls for the annual Campus Run, we are participating. This year, our teachers Katharina Lechle, Anne Schlömer, Petra Dai Javad, Claudia Hanke and Johannes Gröbl ran the 5.5 km course. Tania Tapia Pérez, Andreas Pöschl and Aleth Gaulon conquered the 11 km... [more]

The German Diversity Day, which aims to support an open and tolerant working culture, takes place every year since the initiation through the association Charta der Vielfalt e.V. More information and an overview of events all around the German Diversity Day 2021 at TUM can be... [more]

A report about the TUM Language Center has been published in the current issue of the TUM-Campus-Magazin. [more]

Online e-proctored French DAAD testing: More information Online e-proctored English DAAD testing: More information [more]

The TUM Language Center works together with eScouts in digital teaching More information [more]