Learn Turkish at the TUM Language Center

Türkçeye Hoş Geldiniz!

Turkish – also called Istanbul Turkish – is one of the Turkic languages and is the native language of over 65 million people worldwide. Turkish is an agglutinative language, where grammatical elements are added in a particular sequence to a base word.

Courses during the semester

Unfortunately the TUM Language Center does not offer Turkish online courses for summer semester 2020.

Possibly the courses Turkish A1.1 and Turkish A1.2, which were planned for summer semester 2020, will be catched up on as attendence events during the semester break in intensive course format.


Course Registration

Students can register via TUMonline. Staff interested in taking a course should come to the first lesson.

The TUM Language Center reserves the right, in case of low number of present participants to cancel the courses.

Tandem Learning

TUMtandem brings TUM students together for structured intercultural conversation.

Read more about TUMtandem here. Feel free to contact us via tandem@zv.tum.de if you have any questions.

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