Learn Hebrew at the TUM Language Center

Modern Hebrew belongs to the semitic language family. At the end of the 19th century, Hebrew was mostly used only as a liturgical language, but it was then revived as an everyday spoken language and its vocabulary began to be broadened. The driving spirit behind the revival of Hebrew was Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. The most important feature of Hebrew script is that it is read from right to left and that, for the most part, only the consonants are written down.

Courses during the semester

Unfortunately the TUM Language Center does not offer Hebrew online courses for Summer Semester 2020.

Course Registration

Students can register via TUMonline. Staff interested in taking a course should come to the first lesson.

The TUM Language Center reserves the right, in case of low number of present participants to cancel the courses.

Tandem Learning

TUMtandem brings TUM students together for structured intercultural conversation.

Read more about TUMtandem here. Feel free to contact us via tandem@zv.tum.de if you have any questions.

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