Application German Matters

Statement of Motivation

For your application to the German Matters program, we require a statement of motivation. This document provides the admissions committee with information to become more acquainted with you and your goals. In your text, please discuss the following questions:

  • In which specific ways will a solid intermediate level of German be an asset to you? Why is it important to you to reach this level quickly?
  • How do you envision your future professional career and which role might German and Germany play in this?
  • As the German Matters program is very intensive, it will require a lot of dedication from you in addition to your regular degree courses. How do you envision meeting the requirements of your degree program as well as those of German matters? Please refer in your answer to the structure of the German Matters program.

Your text should have approximately 300 words (format: pdf). Please upload the statement of motivation onto your application form.

Since German Matters is an additional qualification, we require a letter of motivation, irrespective of anything you may have already written for admission to your master’s program at TUM.

Placement Test

If you have any previous knowledge of German, please do our placement test and upload a screenshot of the result onto your application form. You can do the following tests:

  • WebCAT: Please do this test, if you have not yet received your TUM-ID.