German as a foreign language for international students in master’s degree programs taught in English

You will receive a top level academic qualification in the master’s degree courses at the TU Munich. Although German skills are no prerequisite for enrolling in one of the TUM’s international master’s degree programs, they alleviate integration into German life at all levels, in private as well as university related or professional circumstances. The TUM Language Center offers international students with little or no prior German knowledge many opportunities for learning German (in addition to their studies at TUM).

Your way to good German language skills

Graduates who would like to start their professional career in Germany benefit highly from good German language skills. Take advantage of your time at the TUM to reach a solid level of German.

Tips: How to learn German fast

  • Start with a German course in your first semester.
  • Take advantage of the semester break to take courses in German.
  • Take a plus-course if a semester allows you to devote more time to German.
  • Come regularly to German class and plan enough time to study at home.

Here are two examples that show how you can reach level B1 in three to four semesters:

Example 1
Example 2

Here you find information about our German language program and how you can register for it:

Special offers

Campus Garching

In the certificate program "German Matters – Five Steps Towards Proficiency" master's students of Informatics, Physics und Mathematics can reach level B1 in only three semesters. 

Campus Munich

For students of the programs Master of Science in Communications Engineering and Power Engineering, the departments reserve a 100 places in our German courses on level A (in winter semester: A1.1 and A2.1, in summer semester: A1.2 und A2.2). These courses are labelled with „MSCE/PE“ in our program overview.

The workshop Fit for Studying in Germany (in English) covers all questions surrounding studying at a German university from an intercultural perspective.

With our workshops on successful job applications (B1.2 and above) you can prepare for your professional career in Germany.

Weihenstephan Campus (WZW)

In addition to our courses during the semester, you can use the semester break to learn German intensively: Each spring we offer the block courses A1.1 and A1.2 consecutively.

Katharina Lechle

German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Office Hours
Tuesday, 14:30 - 15:30
Room MW 1011 (GAR)
Tel.: 089/289-15104 (GAR) / -29319 (MUC)