German as a Foreign Language – Courses in technical German and German for specific purposes

Your German is already at least level B1 and you want to improve your language skills to levels B2/C1 for your field of study and your chosen career.


In addition to our regular courses at level B2 and above, you can extend your knowledge and skills in technical and career-oriented German courses.

Courses (max. 3 Credit Points)

  • German for Engineers B2 - Describing and Comparing Technial Basics and Principles
  • German for Engineers C1 - Presenting and Discussing Next-Gerneration Technologie
  • German for Master’s Students C1 - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • German for Bachelor’s Students C1 - Informatics - Understanding and Writing Scientific Texts (only in the winter semester)
  • German for Studying C1 - Informatics: Writing, Presenting and Discussing Scientific Texts (only in the summer semester)
  • German as a Foreign Language C2 - Publishing - Communicating - Presenting
  • German as a Foreign Language B2+C1 - Communication at Work - German for Internships and for the Job
  • German as a Foreign Language B2+C1 - Academic Writing


  • German as a Foreign Language B2.2/C1 - Workshop "Editing Texts"
  • German as a Foreign Language B2/C1 - Workshop Job Application – Motivational Letter
  • German as a Foreign Language B2/C1 - Workshop Job Application – Job Interview

Further Offers

  • Conversational Training B2/C1
  • Receive 45 mins of one to one counselling at the German Writing Center Schreibberatung.
  • TUMtandem offers in-depth discussions on language and culture.

Certificate Program "German for Engineers"

Students in engineering can acquire enhanced technical- and work-related German language skills along with their studies.


You can register for all programs via TUMonline. Registration opens two weeks before programs start. Check TUMonline for the exact dates. Registration conditions

Dr. Dorothea Hartkopf

German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Office Hours
On Mondays from 14:00 to 15:00

By arrangement during the semester break
Room 105, Richard-Wagner-Str. 3 (MUC)
Tel.: 089/289-29322