Courses during the semester in German as a foreign language


Enrolled students, exchange students or employees of the TUM are welcome to learn German in our courses during the semester. All courses are free of charge.

Our semester program takes place on Munich City Campus, Campus Garching and Campus Weihenstephan. We offer courses at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as well as trainings, workshops and one-off seminars on special topics. Courses covering half a level, i.e. A1.1 comprise 4 contact hours per week and 6 ECTS credits. Courses covering an entire level, i.e. A1.1 plus A1.2 comprise 6 contact hours per week and 8 ECTS credits. Usually there are no ECTS credits for trainings, workshops and one-off seminars.

We recommend that you also take a look at our intercultural communication, learning in tandem and Schreibberatung. Please note: We do not offer preparatory courses for the Studienkolleg or tests to confirm sufficient German language skills to register at a German university (e.g. TestDaF, DSH).

Winter semester 2018/19

Program in TUMonline

Please activate the English version of TUMonline.

Registration and Participation

How to register for a course?

Only TUM students including exchange students can sign up for courses at TUM Language Center.

You can only sign up once your enrollment process is fully completed. We do not sign up students manually or by e-mail.

Students without any previous knowledge in German please sign up for courses at level A1.1.

Students with previous knowledge in German need to do a placement test as a first step. The placement test will help you to decide, which level to choose. Take a screen shot of the result or print out the certificate.

Please note, that the placement test will be closed before registration starts. If you have failed to do the placement test in time, please write an e-mail to Ms. Schlömer: Please state your student ID number.

Please register via TUMonline. Registration starts on October 12, 2018, at 6 pm. Please click the T-button in TUMonline to find out about the exact time of your selected course.

In TUMonline, your name will automatically be put on a waiting list. Make sure to come to the first class meeting regardless of your position on the waiting list.

For TUM staff, visiting scholars, doctoral candidates and postdocs without access to TUMonline, 1-2 places are reserved in every class. Please come to the first class meeting and sign up there. In advance, you may send an e-mail to the teacher of your selected course and ask for a free place.
Please also discover about special programs on

How to obtain a confirmed place in a course?

Please note that you are only entitled to a confirmed place in the course if you attend the first class meeting and if you bring a recent placement test result (level A1.2 upwards)

If you are unable to attend the first class, contact the lecturer of your selected group:

  • Go to the course list in TUMonline and click the T-button of your course.
  • Look for your group and move right to the column “Lecturer”.
  • Do not forget to mention your selected level and group.

You will then keep your position on the waiting list until the next class.

Confirmed places will be assigned to participants according to their position on the waiting list.

Students who do not appear to have the required knowledge for the chosen level may receive a recommendation for a different level. Up to 3 places are reserved in every class for students recommended to change.

Please note, that TUMonline does not let you keep your position on the waiting list when you switch groups.

Students who miss the first meeting without notifying the lecturer in advance lose their position on the waiting list and may be deregistered.

Please deregister if you have signed up for a course that you no longer wish to attend.

All available places will be allocated during the first two weeks of lectures.

If you have not received a confirmed place, please check TUMonline for groups with less students and ask in person for spaces that may have become vacant.

How to get personal consultation?

During lecture period you can get personal consultation in our office hours.

In the week prior to the registration start we offer additional consultation hours.

Christine Geishauser

Head of German as a Foreign Language Program

Office Hours
On Wednesdays from 14:30 to 16:00
Room 309, Richard-Wagner-Str. 3 (MUC)
Tel.: 089/289-29312

Sabine Schmidt-Bender

German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Office Hours
On Mondays from 13:15 to 14:15
Room 112, Richard-Wagner-Str. 3 (MUC)
Tel.: 089/289-29332

Sabine Kraut-Schindlbeck

German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Office Hours
On Tuesdays from 12:00 to 13:00
Lecturer's room, Weihenstephaner Berg 13 (WZW)
Tel.: 08161/71-5335

Dr. Anne Schlömer

German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Office Hours
On Thursdays from 12:00 to 13:00
Room 104, Richard-Wagner-Str. 3 (MUC)
Tel.: +49 89/289-29320

Renate Steidten

German as a Foreign Language Lecturer

Office Hours
On Mondays from 11:00 to 12:30 
Room 109, Richard-Wagner-Str. 3 (MUC)
Tel.: 089/289-29328