Writing Resources

Handouts from the English Writing Center at TUM

General English Writing & Grammar

Online Writing Lab - Purdue University

This site is a comprehensive online database of English writing. Abounding with detailed explanations, samples, and exercises, it provides guidance in virtually every field—business, academia, the sciences, journalism, to name a few.

Application Writing

North American Style

From Harvard Office of Career Services:

From the University of California Berkeley Career Center:

Key differences between European CV and US Resume (article)

British Style

From the Oxford University Careers Service:

Scientific Writing - Online Resources

Duke University
Scientific Writing Resource

a website with step-by-step lessons and worksheets on basic principles of style in scientific writing

Scitable - Nature Education
English Communication for Scientists

an excellent website from Nature with guidelines and examples for every facet of scientific communication

Books on Academic and Scientific Writing

Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace - Joseph M. Williams

Writing for Science and Engineering - Heather Silyn-Roberts

Academic Writing for Graduate Students - John M. Swales and Christine B. Feak

TUM Writing Guidelines

This page is a collection of writing guidelines from various TUM faculties. 

Scientific Writing Showcase

Here you will find numerous academic articles from top journals that serve as exemplars of good English writing.