Learn Korean at the TUM Language Center


Korean is spoken by about 80 million people worldwide. The unique Korean writing system, Hangul, consists of 24 letters. Hangul was developed on the order of King Sejong in 1443, and it is easily learned becuause of its logical and clear syllable structure. In 1997 Hangul was recognized by UNESCO as a "Memory of the World."

Courses during the semester

We offer Korean courses from level A1.1 to A2.2 following the CEFR.

Program overview in TUMonline

Courses during the semester break

Use the lecture-free period before the Winter Semester 2018/2019, to improve your language skills.

  • The program for the intensive courses can be found in TUMonline.
  • The courses take place in September and October.
  • The registration starts 3 weeks before each course starts.

Course Registration

Students can register via TUMonline. Staff interested in taking a course should come to the first lesson.

The TUM Language Center reserves the right, in case of low number of present participants to cancel the courses.

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