Services for Faculty and Staff

Spannung im Hörsaal - mit Dr. Michael Zwick vom Lehrstuhl für Datenverarbeitung
Prof. Percy Knolle (rechts) mit einem Mitarbeiter
Prof. Reinhard Kienberger an der Attosekunden-Beamline, an der die Experimente durchgeführt wurden
Prof. Ruedi Fries (rechts) und Dr. Hubert Pausch überprüfen Sequenzierdaten von Zuchtrindern
Das Team von 'Egypt Against Hepatitis C Virus'

English Coaching Program

Professors are welcome to join the English Coaching Program to receive free one-to-one support with their written or spoken English. Academic and non-academic staff can also work with a coach in small groups with colleagues from their department. The appointments are fully tailored to your needs. 

German as a Foreign Language – "DaF for Staff"

Join one of our 8-week evening German courses designed especially for international PhD candidates, postdocs and visiting scholars. These courses are free of charge and take place on the Munich, Garching, and Weihenstephan campuses.

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Language Courses

If capacity allows, one to two places in every language course are reserved for academic staff (PhD candidates included). Staff with student status are welcome to register via TUMonline. Otherwise please write an email to the lecturer of the course beforehand and come to the first lesson. Please note that a placement test may be required.

Writing Consulting (English & German)

Visit the English Writing Center or Deutsche Schreibberatung to receive one-to-one consulting in your writing. Whether you are a scientist or administrator at TUM, this free service is an excellent way to learn long-term writing skills while improving any TUM-related text. You can make as many as 3 appointments in a week and 12 throughout the semester. 

Photo 1: A. Eckert/TUM; photo 2:  Heddergott, Andreas/TUM; photo 3: Naeser, Thorsten /Max Planck Institut für Quantenoptik; photo 4: Benz, Uli/TUM; photo 5: M. Stobrawe/MRI